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Shapeshifter Training Program

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*Highly customizable* 

From training frequency to equipment needs and exercise selection - adjust what you need to what you’re working with in just a few clicks. The base model of this program is a classic Push/Pull/Leg split and expands into another classic training split: “The Bro Split,” when the training frequency is increased. This provides a flexible training template that one could be comfortable following, whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder prepping for a show or just trying to take your workouts to a new level and want a solid base framework. 

This program works across a wide set of rep ranges, ranging from 4 reps on box squats to a 20-rep set of Bulgarian split squats. This is an important component, as the 3-20 rep ranges all induce muscle growth. This program covers the entire field, ensuring no stone is left unturned. What if four reps are optimal? This program covers it. Twelve reps? Same story. Fifteen reps? Same story. 20 reps…. You get the point. This is a scientific approach to bodybuilding. Maximum hypertrophy.

The exercises can also be adjusted, allowing modifications for equipment, weak points, etc.

*3-5 training days/week is optimal.

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Dylan Travis
Genius Program Constructor

An excellently balanced, evidence driven program developed by a qualified, highly educated expert in the fields of exercise science, biomechanics, physiology, and nutrition.

Follow the program and see success.

Man Flexing Muscles

Train Hard. Eat Right.

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