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Coaching Plan with Justin Harris (Monthly)

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  • Programs are typically completed within two days following the completed return of our client questionnaire.

Performance Nutrition Coaching - Crush Your Personal Goals!

Welcome to the Troponin Nutrition plan!

Justin Harris provides coaching for your workout routines and diet plans to keep you in shape. The service allows you to email the coach and text (optional) when you need advice.

  • Weekly check-ins for diet adjustments! 
  • Unlimited email and text correspondence! 
  • Longer duration sign-ups are discounted!


About Your Coach Justin Harris

Justin holds a Master’s degree in Atomic Physics with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology.  

As a top-level competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, Justin was the overall winner of the 2004 Mr. Michigan, Superheavyweight champion for the 2006 Jr. USAs, and the 2007 & 2008 APF Michigan powerlifting champion, totaling “Elite” in both competitions. 

An expert in performance nutrition, Justin has written articles and given seminars around the country on the science of human physiology. 


More Plan Details

  • Plan can be canceled at any time without penalty.
  • The service automatically renews once the plan expires.
  • Plan renewal is scheduled on the day of the following month and the purchase time frame. Payment will be refunded minus processing fees if you forget to cancel and are billed unexpectedly. 
  • Subscription payment dates are not changed if a plan is paused. 
  • This plan purchases a non-refundable 30 days of coaching.
  • Please allow up to two business days following the completed return of our client questionnaire to receive your customized program.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Matthew Wells

Coaching Plan with Justin Harris (Monthly)

Attention to detail

So far I'm pretty impressed with Justin. Staying strict to his nutritional plan has resulted in positive results for me! His coaching has been spot on for what I was looking to achieve.

Paul Tracogna

Great feedback and a huge change is a short amount of time.

Michael B

I have known Justin since the late 1990’s when online coaching wasn’t even a thing. I took note of his and Steve Kuclos progress. Justin was training Steve when he was a teen. I then followed Justin through the BB forums. I once again took note of his clients progress. After years of personal physical congenital injuries and joint disease I found myself going backwards in pursuit of my physical goals. I reached out to and hired Justin. In the first 2 weeks of his diet and nutrition recommendations I am on the mend in some areas and making progress in all areas. I’ve been around this sport for 40 years and it can be broken down to two things. Are you consistent? And are you making progress? With Justin I am doing both and he is very accommodating to me special needs and always available in a reasonable time frame even with his hectic coaching and business schedule.
Thank you, Justin!

Justin Winters
The Bruce Lee of bodybuilding and nutrition!

Justin took me in from day one like a red head step child. He took me from skinny fat to on the fast track to the best shape of my life and like clock work everything he promised has happened plus some. If your serious about your training and nutrition he is well worth the money and a wealth of knowledge all the way across the board. Quit wasting your money on fake trainers and fad diets and hire Justin if you want real results!

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