METABOLIC MELTDOWN - Metabolic Adaptations and Fat Loss Diets

METABOLIC MELTDOWN - Metabolic Adaptations and Fat Loss Diets

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Thomas Lackie uses his graduate degree in nutritional science to help the reader understand your metabolism, how it adapts throughout a weight-loss diet, and strategies to help mitigate some of the negative effects. Explains how to maximize fat loss during a weight-loss diet for optimal rates of progress and body comp improvement.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Benavidez
Well written and very educational

I prefer paperbacks over ebooks belt this ebook was easy to read and understand. Includes some table and graphs to better understand the subject matter. Would definitely recommend anyone add this to their collection.

Michael Huggins
Helluva book

Man this thing jam packed full of good info.

Kyle Thomas
Good Resource for beginners

This product is a couple articles, 32 pages in total. While well written the information is nothing new to most experienced lifters. Would get more practical advice listening to the author on a long form podcast. I think 36.99 is overpriced for this content and was hoping for more despite the brief description on the sales page.

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