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Coaching Plan with Justin Harris (Quarterly)

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  • Please allow up to two business days following the completed return of our client questionnaire to receive your customized program.

Welcome to the Troponin Nutrition plan!

Justin Harris provides coaching for your workout routines and diet plans to keep you in shape. The service allows you to email the coach and text (optional) when you need advice.

Weekly check-ins for diet adjustments! Unlimited email and text correspondence! Longer duration sign-ups are discounted!

Plan can be canceled at any time without penalty.

The service automatically renews once the plan expires.

Plan renewal is scheduled on the day of the next month and time frame of purchase. Original purchases are final, but If you forget to cancel and are billed unexpectedly, the new payment will be refunded in full. 

Please allow up to two business days following the completed return of our client questionnaire to receive your customized program.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chris Cashman
Great coach!

I have been working with Justin for a year now and have progressed more than ever. Justin is super responsive with questions and actually has an explanation for every manipulation he makes. He is extremely knowledgeable about just about everything bodybuilding related. If you want a great coach who will get you the results you want, Justin will get you there. I highly recommend working with him.

My Coaching Experience With Justin Harris

I started with Justin Harris in February 2023. Since I've been working with him for my prep he had gone above and beyond his service. I've had many coaches (who are well known in the bodybuilding industry) and Coach Harris is ranked within the top 3 of my BEST COACHING experience.

I have followed Justin for years and purchased many of his books and viewed all of his social media content. Once I found out he was offering his coaching services I never hesitated to contact him.

Right now I'm on point for competing this year and look forward to our offseason.

I highly recommend Coach Harris and his products to anyone who is serious about thier nutrition & training.

Hernando Alvarado

Larry Wilson
Absolutely Spot On!!

Justin is awesome, he definitely knows what he’s doing. Every step of the way he calls it on point. Always there when I need help or motivation. I’m 42 years old and in better shape than I was when I was 17 in Marine Corps boot camp. never had abs in the time I served, but he’s performed a miracle because they are there now. One quarter down and motivated to get another one in and another and another. Thank you for all the guidance and motivation coach!

Chad Carlson
Just getting started

Justin has been fantastic to work with. We're excited to see where the journey takes us and grateful to be working with a true professional!

jonah hillier

Coaching Plan with Justin Harris (Quarterly)

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