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Critical Mass Training Program

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Dual-focused hypertrophy program that utilizes techniques to maximize both myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic muscle growth.  A progressive overload program at its core, Critical Mass combines body parts in a precise manner add size while maximizing strength.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Novak
Hardcore, Well Thought Out, Old School Meets New

Man this program is kicking my ass! I've been lifting for 24 years and have not had a program that hammered me so effectively for growth. Just as soon as the soreness is starting to go away, BOOM it is time to hit that body part again.

If you know much about weight training you will appreciate the level of detail and thought Justin has put into this program. Everything has a reason and a logic to it, nothing is just put in there without that thought behind it.

If you are REALLY going to follow the program as written, be ready for some intense workouts and to really hammer your body hard. The results are well worth it!

Tracy, David
Critical Mass

I bought this a few years ago. I go back to it over and over. I love the Push Pull Leg format. Still pulling 500 at 69. Been training almost 50yrs. So I've seen and heard a lot. Love this Program David Tracy

Ben Arbogast
Killer workout program

My workout partner Dutch H has been running this program for the last month with me. He said I need to buy the program if I want to continue working out with him lol. Solid homeboy and loyal to the program. So i figured I buy it for the cause. Iron sharpens iron. The program works.

Steven Black
Great workout

Have to say this is a great workout and I really like the principles behind it

A principled and thoughtful approach

Current using this during contest prep and have found that it is a really nice balance of frequency and intensity that allows for appropriate recovery. I really like the research-based principles that form the basis of the program as well. Looking forward to continued progress!

Man Flexing Muscles

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