Justin Harris Quarterly Coaching Plan

Coaching Plan with Justin Harris (Quarterly)

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  • Please allow up to two business days following the completed return of our client questionnaire to receive your customized program.

Welcome to the Troponin Nutrition plan!

Justin Harris provides coaching for your workout routines and diet plans to keep you in shape. The service allows you to email the coach and text (optional) when you need advice.

Weekly check-ins for diet adjustments! Unlimited email and text correspondence! Longer duration sign-ups are discounted!

Plan can be canceled at any time without penalty.

The service automatically renews once the plan expires.

Plan renewal is scheduled on the day of the next month and time frame of purchase. Original purchases are final, but If you forget to cancel and are billed unexpectedly, the new payment will be refunded in full. 

Please allow up to two business days following the completed return of our client questionnaire to receive your customized program.

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Customer Reviews

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jonah hillier

Coaching Plan with Justin Harris (Quarterly)

Christopher Wray
Initial Impression

We haven’t been working together for long, but here is my initial impression:

- Justin is very approachable and open to differing thoughts. I have worked with coaches in the past and it has been their way or the highway. Justin is very much not that way and I appreciate that.

- Plan is well laid out and easy to follow. Check-ins are efficient

- Justin is very helpful and makes himself available via text

- Justin has his own line of supplements but he does not push them as other coaches have.

While it’s too early to comment on results, Justin’s approach is on point. He makes himself available to his clients, doesn’t push his supplements or his approach, and is genuinely a nice guy.

Grade A

Since starting with Justin iv made some wild changes from 250 and strong down to 220 and back up to 245 looking the best iv looked yet. If you’re reading this wonder if you should hire a coach, you won’t be disappointed, just follow the diet and you’ll be fine. Great communication, with you every step of the way.

Robert Woll

Words can’t describe what a difference in my journey.. the knowledge you get is unbelievable.. my life is better all around.. love it !!

Yong Lim
Completely Satisfied

Justin Harris is my first coach. He's very responsive and has been nothing but professional in our interactions. There's no fluff, no pressure to buy supplements, he just tells you what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.

I listened to a lot of Justin's training and diet philosophies through podcasts (Fouad Abiad, Dave Tate, etc). If you're on the fence about hiring him, he has a lot of content out there regarding his beliefs on bodybuilding. This is the main reason I decided to work with him.

At the end of the quarter, I will renew for a year long coaching plan.

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3 months with Troponin Nutrition. He is the real deal!!! Results don’t lie, much more work to be done though!!

Jake Smith
Jake Smith

I am very happy with the size added and the condition we are currently in. Cannot wait to see the end results.

Coty Losee
Coty "C-Lo" Losee

I am super proud of what Troponin Nutrition & I have accomplished with my physique. I'm so grateful to be able to grace the stage tomorrow here in AZ with the best of the IFBB Pro League.

Rachel Killam
Rachel Killam