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Coaching with Thomas Lackie (Quarterly)

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  • Programs are typically completed within two days following the completed return of our client questionnaire.

Recurring quarterly payments with Team Troponin nutritionist Thomas Lackie.

  • Plan can be canceled at any time without penalty.
  • The service automatically renews once the plan expires.
  • Plan renewal is scheduled on the day of the following month and the purchase time frame. Payment will be fully refunded if you forget to cancel and are billed unexpectedly. 
  • Original purchases are final, but If you forget to cancel and are billed unexpectedly, the new payment will be refunded in full. 
  • Please allow up to two business days following the completed return of our client questionnaire to receive your customized program.

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew McCormack
Off to a great start!

Great to work with, extremely knowledgeable! Quick response to emails and questions. Looking forward to working with him to meet all of my goals! Highly recommended Thomas as a coach!

Allen S
Reflections a Year In...

I've been working with Thomas for just over a year now. I first learned about Troponin Nutrition through Justin Harris and the Table Talk podcast, and engaged Thomas because I wanted to work with someone on my nutrition goals. In my mid-to-late 30s, I'm not a competitor, just someone who wants to enter their 40s in the best physical and mental shape of their life. After a couple years of serious lifting, I wanted to get my nutrition on track and for the first year I tried to manage this myself: sifting through Instagram, articles, and Youtube resulting in a lot of trial/error - and a lot of unnecessary hunger and weight gain! It'd be similar to trying to learn a new skill (golf, musical instrument, whatever) by watching short videos versus working with an instructor or coach... some can do it, but it's probably more effective and faster with personalized oversight along the way.

Reflecting back in my year with Thomas, he has guided me through the end of a gain, a longer cut, and most recently a maintenance phase while balancing a very busy professional and personal schedule. We're now entering another cut phase. What's been consistent through all of this is the two-way dialogue, customized weekly check-ins, mentoring, and nutrition know-how that's enabled much more effective weight control with very manageable hunger. He coaches on skills, concepts, and flexibility as opposed to rigid "do this, do that" or boiler-plate approaches. I've also gotten to know him a bit personally and he's just a solid guy. So who should consider working with Thomas? Seeing his other clients, I'd strongly recommend both competitors as well as people who are just serious about investing in themselves. Looking forward to year two!

Red Shields

Happy so far with Thomas Lackie! We are chipping away at goals and he provides great feedback and education about the plan. Highly recommend!

Adam Stibinger
Coach Thomas Lackie knows his business.

I love his methodical approach to understanding my metabolism. While easily facilitating programs to comfortably pushing me to reach my goals. Thomas has a scientific and applied knowledge base that is second to none. I’ve known of Justin for years and have always respected and trusted his knowledge. so, I have the utmost confidence in anyone who he brings into Team Troponin Nutrition. I feel that Thomas is Justin’s proverbial Silver Bullet and I am honored to have Thomas as my coach.
I would suggest anyone who is serious about health, fitness, strength, and bodybuilding to hire Thomas.

Lee Rupert

Coaching with Thomas Lackie (Quarterly)

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