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Shredded - A Carb Cycling Approach

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"Shredded" is a fat-loss diet plan in the carb cycling format. Cut body fat and build strong, well-defined muscles to achieve your optimal physique!


The Most Comprehensive Meal Plan Protocol You'll Find Includes:

  • Customized macronutrient amounts
  • A full meal/diet plan
  • A list of multiple food sources

Food sources are calculated from the lean body mass you input into the program and continually adjust as your body composition changes.


What Is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling is an approach to dieting that maximizes the effects of improving body composition within the boundary conditions of thermodynamics. Optimizing the use of specific macronutrients on certain days and at certain times, allowing you to eat in a deficit for periods when glycogen stores are saturated to burn body fat while minimizing the risk of muscle loss. Those excess calories are then stored as glycogen rather than fat, allowing you to eat in a deficit for periods when glycogen stores are saturated to minimize the risk of muscle loss.

The result is an improved body composition over any given period compared to the same net calorie total from a non-cycled macronutrient profile.

Read the ULTIMATE Bodybuilder's Carb Cycling Guide to learn even more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christos Antoniou

Awesome thanks

Stepan Artuni
Very thankful to have this

Made dieting much easier. Losing weight and feeling confident with the process. Feeling good with this diet.

Daniel Axelrod
Better, More Scientific, Programmable

Amazing tool to get in the best shape of your life and have the energy to perform. Programmable and easy to use and adjust so I can help friends with carb cycling as well.

michael de meo
Very worthwhile

Glad I purchased. It’s great blueprint and you can make changes as your body changes

Regular Guy
Great product

This is a great product! I’m super excited to see how it changes as I slide down the scale. Hint to all Apple users when you pull up the spread sheet in “Numbers” where it gives your lean body mass you have to go through and convert it from percentage to either “general” or “numbers” if not it will throw the whole program out of wack. It would also be nice to see what the desired calories for the low/ Med/ high days are too. But either way solid! 5*

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