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MASSIVE - A Carb Cycling Approach for Mass

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"MASSIVE" is a complete mass-gaining program (Excel spreadsheet) with a diet plan, food list, meal plan, and more. When fully customized, this program adjusts the diet plan based on your changing weight and lean body mass.

Achieve your optimal body mass, build muscle, and increase strength with expert support!


MASSIVE - Carb Cycling for Mass Program Includes:

  • Customized macronutrient amounts
  • A full meal plan
  • A list of multiple food sources

Food sources are calculated from the lean body mass you input into the program and continually adjust as your body composition changes.


What Is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling is an approach to dieting that maximizes the effects of improving body composition within the boundary conditions of thermodynamics. Optimizing the use of specific macronutrients on certain days and at certain times, allowing you to eat in a deficit for periods when glycogen stores are saturated to burn body fat while minimizing the risk of muscle loss. Those excess calories are then stored as glycogen rather than fat, allowing you to eat in a deficit for periods when glycogen stores are saturated to minimize the risk of muscle loss.

The result is an improved body composition over any given period compared to the same net calorie total from a non-cycled macronutrient profile.

Read the ULTIMATE Bodybuilder's Carb Cycling Guide to learn even more!

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Reyes
excellent macro guide

Excellent comprehensive macro guide. It takes the guesswork out. Just need to implement and execute.

Tyler Wright

Awesome straight to the point diet approach that is more than effective!!! Justin is a genius in this space he’s honestly severely underrated in my opinion this guy is a damn wizard

The only way to diet

I’ve worked with Justin previously and his approach to carb cycling makes it so simple to track and adhere to your diet and macros. Mixing up high medium and low carb days definitely helps to stay leaner while packing on size. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Tom Porter

Followed Justin for years and can’t recommend him and his ebooks enough.

Kyle Hayes
Top Quality

MASSIVE is to the point, easy to follow, and brutally effective! The built-in macro calculator removes the guesswork and affords you the luxury of simply picking your food from the index and getting down to work. That‘s it’s. It’s that simple. For just 100 bucks, you’re getting a better off-season nutrition plan than 90% of coaches could provide. I’ve been following the program for about a month and seeing the best results of my life thus far. Make the investment in MASSIVE and you’ll be glad that you did.

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