The most critical time for nutrition is the period around your weight training workout. With all the confusion as to what nutrients are needed to create an anabolic environment and shut off catabolism after a workout, I've shut the door on any doubts as to whether you're taking the proper route nutritionally. Anatrop has all the amino acids essential to creating an anti-catabolic environment, as well as an extra dose of L-leucine, the specific amino acid shown in studies to promote protein synthesis. Turn your post-workout drink into post-workout fuel.

Anatrop powder is fruit-flavored and designed to be easily added to any shake or liquid drink. If you've read Justin's pre- and post-workout supplement protocol, you know how important he believes this amino acid mixture to be.

Ingredients: BCAA's, extra L-leucine (10g total), L-taurine, creatine

Dosing: 1/2-2 scoops before, during, and after your workout

1 tub of Anatrop contains approximately 20 servings




This product was designed as the most potent legal fat burner available. Many companies focus on putting out the most ingredients, or having the highest profit margins. My clients are my life blood. If my products don't work, I don't work. With Metabotrop, I put the highest quality ingredients of the specific products I know produce the highest level of thermogenesis. You are welcome to compare ingredient quality and dosing with any other product. We pulled no punches on this one.

Ingredients: 250mg caffeine anhydrous, 250mg green tea extract (98% pure, highest available worldwide), 250mg oolong tea extract, 1000mg glucuronolactone.

Dosing: 2 capsules as a pre-workout stimulant (30-60 minutes before workout), or 2 capsules 2-3x/day for fat burning

1 bottle of Metabotrop contains 90 capsules




Take your workouts to the next level with this revolutionary product that has just exploded onto the workout scene with an extreme new formula. Glycogen stores and amino acids are spared as HYPERTROP shifts your fuel source toward fats, helping you dramatically improve your muscle-to-fat ratio. By stimulating your central nervous system and increasing your metabolic rate, turn your body into a fat-incinerating machine as you increase your calorie burning firepower without sacrificing any hard-earned muscle. Maximize your results by incorporating a sensible dietary program and workout regimen with the use of this product.

Ingredients: 750mg L-Tyrosine, 50mg 1, 3 dimethylamylamine, 750mg acetyl L-carnitine, 150 mg caffeine anhydrous, 150 mg PEA

Dosing: Start with a half dose (2 caps) to test how effective this product is for you before moving up to a full dose (4 caps). Take with a full glass of water. Take prior to workouts and intense cardio sessions. Do not exceed 8 caps in a 24-hour period.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, which is 30 servings of Hypertrop.

Price: $36.99


Cognitrop is a focus-enhancing, fat-burning, energy-boosting supplement that you can take up to 6 times a day. Without the high levels of stimulants found in other stimulant-based fat burners, Cognitrop won't leave you feeling jittery and unable to sleep at night. Cognitrop can be used for pre-workout focus and energy enhancement. Cognitrop is not only for athletes, however. This new product is also great for students and people needing focus at work.

Athletes, you know that each meal is important. Now you can increase the effectiveness of every meal by adding Cognitrop. Powerlifters will benefit from Cognitrop's ability to maximize energy and focus at powerlifting meets. You need to try this novel non-stimulant based product to appreciate its benefits.

Ingredients: 500mg chocamine, 1000mg L-tyrosine, 1000mg Acetyl L-carnitine

1 bottle of Cognitrop contains 120 capsules

Price: $29.99


Dry Shred

After years of having my clients purchase multiple products to create the diuretic formula I knew worked best, I decided to create my own product, with the exact combination I used for years to dry my competitors out while maintaining fullness. I used myself as the guinea pig for the product, and won the Superheavyweight class at the Jr. USA's.

Ingredients: Vitamin B6, taraxacum oficionale, uva-ursi extract, dandelion root, kola nut extract

Dosing: 6 capsules every 12-24 hours beginning 72 hours prior to competition or weigh-ins. Do NOT exceed recommended dose. This is a potent diuretic.

1 bottle of Dry Shred contains 50 capsules





With so much time and effort put into achieving contest condition, the last thing that should ruin your hard work is cramping at the time of the contest. With Cramp-Ex you can dry out for a show in comfort, knowing that cramping will be a distant memory. Hit your poses with confidence.

Ingredients: d-alpha tocopherol, magnesium, potassium

Dosing: 4 capsules every 12-24 hours beginning 72 hours before competition or weigh-ins

1 bottle of Cramp-Ex contains 50 capsules

WAS $19.99

Cramp Ex
Price: $14.99


Project Superheavyweight DVD

The "Project Superheavyweight" video, featuring Justin Harris and his workout partner and client Steve Kuclo, is now available. This training DVD features over 2 hours of real-time training and it comes with a free nutritional DVD with over an hour of nutrition advice and food prep! Watch him go through intense workouts and get nutrition advice from Justin himself! See Justin's life outside the gym as he balances family, work, and training.

To see the trailer for the video, click the arrow below:

Project Superheavyweight DVD
Qty: Price: $40

Troponin Nutrition Seminar DVDs

Troponin Nutrition hosts seminars around the country focusing on performance nutrition and training. If you have not been able to attend a seminar, you can still get a copy of it on DVD!

Troponin Nutrition Seminar
Powerhouse Gym

Clinton Twp, MI
October 6, 2007

Topics covered at the seminar included:
I. Offseason - gaining muscle while keeping fat gain to a minimum
II. Before the diet - getting ready for your precontest phase
III. Precontest - stripping off the fat while keeping the muscle
IV. Post-show strategies - optimizing your rebound

That is just a short list...also discussed was basic physiology and nutrition, supplementation, weight training, and much more.

Powerhouse Seminar DVD
Qty: Price: $24.99


Troponin Nutrition Seminar
Loras College Sports Program

Dubuque, IA
February 4, 2008

Topics covered at the seminar included:
I. Performance nutrition
II. Preparing for sports/football
III. Pre-game nutrition
IV. Endurance nutrition
V. Performance supplementation

Loras College Seminar DVD
Qty: Price: $24.99



Comprehensive Performance Nutrition Book

My objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive overview of performance-guided nutrition and training in an easy-to-follow Q&A format. I have spent much of my life learning and developing my interest in nutrition. I have often wished for an easy-to-follow guide that would allow me to continue my knowledge growth in brief time periods. I believe this book will provide much benefit to readers interested in developing their own knowledge base on training and nutrition. In this book, you will find definable answers to many real-world questions that your peers have posed to me over the years.

Comprehensive Performance Nutrition
Qty: Price: $24.99


Troponin Nutrition Pre-Contest Training Journal


This guidebook is a great way to chart and plan a 16 week training and diet program for your next bodybuilding show. Each week has reminders and charts for your diet, cardio, training, supplements, carb and protein intake. This will allow you to accurately plan and see where you need to be and what you have coming up.

153 pages.

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Pre-contest Training Journal thru EliteFTS

Troponin Nutrition Macronutrient Guidebook


This handy reference guide makes macronutrient-counting and meal planning simple. Inside you will find:

• A sample template for setting up a carb-cycling diet
• Sample meal plans
• A macronutrient table for common diet foods
• A basic shopping list
• Tips on meal planning, food prep, shopping, and more
• Book is 27 pages long

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Macronutrient Guidebook through EliteFTS