Our nutritionists have been busy transforming physiques! The Troponin Nutrition clients include some of the top Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, and Powerlifting athletes in the US and abroad.

Before & After working with Troponin Nutrition

This client worked with Troponin Nutrition for about 5 months

This Figure client worked with Troponin Nutrition for 16 weeks

The same client.

Total transformation:
6 months


Troponin Nutrition took this client from 220 to 160 pounds

5 month transformation

6 month transformation

40 lb weight loss over a 4-month period


6-month transformation

Transformation resulting from a 12-wk Progressive Diet Plan

4 month transformation


5 month transformation under Troponin Nutrition's guidance

Nate Wolfe prepped this client for 16 weeks. He won the lightweight class at his show.

Here's a client Nate helped for 16 weeks. He was severely overweight and at one time weighed almost 400lbs but wanted to do his first show. He ended up losing over 50lbs in the prep. He started around 248lbs and weighed 195lbs for the show. He placed 4th out of 4 in the Jr. division and also won an award for the most inspiring athlete.

Before: 16 weeks out, 191 lbs.
After: 155 lbs, winner of middleweight and overall

Dave Tate of www.elitefts.com before and after a diet with Justin Harris

The Troponin Nutritionists have been busy training some of the top Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness athletes in the US. See some of their top clients.